Time to Explore the Amazing World of Streaming TV Online

One of the most genius developments in technology over the last ten years is online TV streaming. In fact, it is hailed as the most revolutionary offshoot of internet technology as it completely changes the way you view TV today.

Amazing World of Streaming TV Online

This technology has gained tract within such a short time again proving that online TV streaming is the future of entrainment. If you have not yet sampled the power of online TV then be ready to be wowed as you discover more here.

Brief Overview of Streaming

Streaming is the ability to transfer data and use it immediately. In other words, it is a way of playing your files on the internet as they download without the pain of having to save them first for future playback.

In streaming video files, the information is transferred as a stream of data froma server while the decoder is a plug-in on your web browser. These components work together to ensure you enjoy your best TV programs online. The speed and quality of streaming video and sound are improving each day with new advances in streaming technology.

General Benefits of Streaming TV Online

Initially, most viewers considered online TV as a backup when they missed their favorite episodes on traditional cable TV. However with the realization that this is not a fad you will join millions who have realized the immense benefits of online TV which include:

  • Free viewing: One of the benefits that internet has brought about is of course low cost services. With online TV, this trend continues as most shows on offer are free. You will not have to worry about subscriptions and packages depending on your TV network of choice.
  • Live TV anywhere: The limitations of cable TV are now history because with apps such as the TWC TV® app you are ready to go anytime anywhere. Whatever part of the globe you are snugglingin during vacation, you can easily hook up with your favorite TV series. This flexibility means you will be entertained in your car, while at work, in your bedroom and even in the skies.
  • Large channel offering: Who said TV has to be boring? With online TV you have everything you want and some more. For example the TWC TV® app offers you more than 300 live TV channels and 6,000 on demand choices. In essence, whatever your style of viewing online streaming TV has a solution for you.
  • Never miss a piece of the action: One thing that makes traditional cable TV boring is of course missing your favorite shows. Unless you record them it means you will always feel a gap when you watch the next show. With live streaming TV, you will never suffer these blues. The signal is delivered instantly just like in regular TV.

With online TV streaming, you can manage your DVR from any location. While at home you never have to grab for the remote because you can change channels from your hand device.


Time Warner otherwise known as TWC is one of the largest TV companies in the world serving over 14 million people. The trust given to this TV brand since inception in 1989 is enough proof of the quality broadcasting services it offers. Whichever number of channels you are looking for your search stops with a call to TWC today.

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