Zoobotics proposes to build robots cardboard Zuri

Zuri is a programmable robot composed of modules, like many that are blooming in the industry, but has the particularity of using cardboard as the main material.

RobotWhen we talk about robots, it is usual to think of something metal or plastic, but the Germans Zoobotics propose a system of making DIY style creature, or what is the same, a “do it yourself” modules cardboard.

There are many design variations – up to twelve – conditioned by the elements that we will use. For now we have a central module of two types, long hexagonal or octagonal. Mechanisms, controllers, or a Bluetooth module (can control via smartphone): That the brain and much of the machinery is housed.

Moreover we have articulated and motorized legs, which can have two lengths. All elements have an outer support structure created with cardboard, we ourselves can join.

Although currently only a prototype, Zoobotics sees Zuri in educational settings as a tool to teach the first steps in robotics. Now, like many other projects, seeking funding walk.

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