But what will the Google Glass? Also closed the Glass Basecamp

At this rate, the Google project will start towards the suspension

The project of Google Glass is really interesting: we can not question it in any way, although most times have been put forward criticisms based on the work of the company; think, for example, the price, which was around one thousand euro, where, however, have been made ​​to withdraw – or the privacy issues : this and many other problems had launched various alarm signals, pushing even political forces American intervention.

Until a few months ago, however, he continued to talk incessantly of the glasses, as if the release in 2015 was not to be put in doubt: today, however, the situation seems really black for Google, since the company has seen some developers withdraw from the project and, to make matters worse, he had to also close the Glass Basecamp, ie the centers where it was possible to book a test of intelligent glasses, which would be to bet on technology also Huawei ( today should be the presentation of a original device and certainly we could give you more information.)

It seems, in short, that the project is intended to be suspended, and the silence on the subject of Google does not bode well, especially after the release of Android Wear : the problem should be just that; is normal, in fact, that a firm is more willing to bet on wearable devices that have a slice of the market larger than on the glasses that maybe buy in a few, especially when you consider that watches and bracelets are already available and the Google Glass no .

We get the impression that the glasses of Mountain View have been launched ahead of time, or perhaps in the wrong way: too many claims and few certainties. We’ll see how it will behave Google, always intervene if the subject.

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