Far Cry 4 Analysis

This analysis of ‘Far Cry 4’ was meant to talk about how Ubisoft has simply take the formula of the previous game and improve it slightly, discuss if the jump from one edition to another really worth it or have been limited to pull the easy way, but if all this is true only thing I can do is surrender to what really led me to the final: ‘Far Cry 4’ is a game damn funny.

GamesHave their buts and some are more annoying than others, but there will be time for that lines beyond. For now it is important to make it clear the comments. Maybe ‘Far Cry 4’ is more continuity and less revolutionary than we would have liked, but that does not diminish any merit the title of Ubisoft.

That you have followed the development progress already know what we will find, here we leave the island of ‘Far Cry 3’ to travel to a region of the Himalayas where, instead of pirates and soldiers found rainforests and mountains.
Mechanical remain untouched, with an SPF invites stealth but not get in touch Achanta when Rambo plan and pull rocket launchers.

Probably his biggest problem is that parallel to its predecessor, which captures bases and climbing towers are like jumping off ‘Far Cry 3’ to a DLC with another scenario as the protagonist.

It is something that does not help your little slack history, the motivations of the character and its allies are quite absurd and the campaign cost you too start presenting closest missions to the secondary objectives that epic from the first minute we presented in the third installment.

After the first hour the thing is fixed, based on huge explosions and flight quad chasing planes, but by then it got stuck in my head that Brody and Jason had gone through much more cinematic moments at the controls. It is wrong to make a sequel in almost a carbon copy of its predecessor, which comparisons are inevitable.

The problem could end up splashing the main enemy even if not for Pagan Min is not Vaas, but Vaas is not Pagan Min , and the dictator has a special charisma that is developing between kinematic and phone calls in more than once makes you want switch sides. Something that your main allies, as bland as implausible, provide much more than a grain of sand.

Here we come to have fun

All that ceases to matter when you go into action with your bow with sniper sights on hand, after jumping from a gyrocopter and fly over the enemy camp with your squirrel suit. Here the epic the ride you , either throwing a bait meat area for a tiger dispatch enemies by you or slashing enemies chain to remove the insurance Granada to last and throw the rest kicked generating a fireworks display on the flesh of your enemies like wildfire.

It’s those moments that make it special to a ‘Far Cry 4’ the only thing that can be criticized in this area is that dramatic skills to unlock counted on the fingers of one hand. Fortunately, the few that are really wanting to get fulfilled to perfection, from hop on an elephant to wreak havoc to jump from vehicle to vehicle with the elimination of enemies flag.

Precisely up there in something as tedious as driving in open world, ‘Far Cry 4’ surprises with a simple trick how to use the automatic driving by pressing a button. Thanks to that reach your destination is as easy as fast, and yields an important gap in the fighting in the middle of a chase, regardless of whether the car coming towards wipe out your plans and your mind free so that only you should concentrate to burst your pursuers with a grenade launcher.

Well also hook that lets you climb mountains to avoid having to go around the stage looking for a way by which to ascend, but not well enough advantage to be limited to very specific areas and focus the fun of jumping from vine to vine to some campaign missions. Something more freedom in that sense would have come of pearls.

The main story might not be too long, but ‘Far Cry 4’ is no content to enjoy long, either collecting collectibles, completing side quests or getting lost among its fields hunting animals you improve your inventory or annihilating enemies to unlock quick trips.

If you get tired of doing it all alone you also have to hand the cooperative, an inexhaustible source of laughter as ye have seen in the video above. With the help of a partner either side missions as the assault to the four strengths of the game become a spectacle in which I doubt any fan of action or stealth comes with a frown.

And finally there is the multiplayer, playing with two sides like the Tibetans ninjas with bow and control over animals and lifelong soldiers with heavy weapons and vehicles, but also gives space to another kind of crazy horde modes and ability to create our own multiplayer maps. All good even in what is commonly ends up being the weakest of such securities.

I hope that ‘Far Cry 4’ has served Ubisoft teams to understand that the success of the previous release was not just luck that this idea there is much potential and all necessary to explode as timeless classic is believing that they something great in your hands.

For our part the vote of confidence is signed with a “XOXO” footnotes, so now the ball is in your court and hopefully in the probable fifth installment decide to put all the eggs in one basket, keeping that mixture of humor and darkness and further enhancing the high levels of fun ceded ‘Far Cry 4’. There are plenty of reasons for this will become our new favorite saga of Ubisoft.

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