House of the future: what are the technological expectations?

Every now and polls can help to paint scenarios, starting from the needs of the present. Today we reveal one on the house of the future.

One question we might ask is that the expectations of the general public on the house of the future. To paint a geography of needs.

We do not know the conditions statistical processing, then we evaluate the data as a simple curiosity, to see if they coincide with our way of understanding things. That’s why I put in the queue to post questions, which help to see how you think.

We know that today’s homeowners have many automation technologies available in their field of choice. The solutions of modernity allow act remotely on many devices, such as appliances, lighting, fixtures and the like. Then there is the ability to monitor, via smartphone and tablet, what happens in the home, even when you are far away.

The sample solution is much larger, but here we just want to give some indications. Our intention is to try to understand the needs, starting from the French survey, which contains some very useful indications, although no references on the statistical sample.

Provided that the prices are acceptable, 48% of the people involved in the survey expect the domestic technology improvement in their daily lives, 18% energy savings, 16% better protection of their homes. Of note, 11% of respondents do not expect anything special, experiencing new systems as simple gadget (perhaps to be fashionable or to talk about it at the bar with friends).

And you, what do you expect from the domestic technology of the future?

  • Energy Energy
  • Improved Of everyday life
  • Security
  • Other

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