The Internet of Things and the pursuit of the perfect crime

Everything is connected. That is the beginning of an Internet of Things that do not yet understand or just a glimpse, and which some experts have a dark side. Because these security analysts are very concerned about the implications of misuse of these devices, or their use by ciberatacants could result in our lives.

Jeff Williams, CTO of Contrast Security, believes that “the Internet of Things will kill someone,” and although not give precise information on that possibility, yes targeting these devices end up taking part in murder of all kinds. Rashmi Knowles, one of the heads of the RSA, recently explained how the hacking of medical devices could create “a completely new economy” blackmail when patients.

The reasoning is consistent, and although it may be considered exaggerated, we should not dismiss it. That implies that all connected for example in patients with implanted medical devices of various diseases can have harmful effects if they are externally modified to behave in ways that were not intended. The principle is exactly the same as that which occurs in any computer system hacks to bypass its operation from its original conception.

John Brennan, the CIA director also warned a few months of that aspect of that future network devices interconnected ago. In his words “as we approach what we are now calling as the Internet of Things will be more devices and systems that protect … and equally disturbing, more devices and systems that can be used to launch attacks”.

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