Typing with the mind! The Wadsworth Center you can do

A research group at the Wadsworth Center, in Albania, led by researcher Jonathan Wolpaw and dedicated to the study of brain damage, is working on the development of an electronic interface activated by brain waves.

Who among us has not dreamed of being able to activate their electronic instruments, they were a computer or, more recently, smartphones and tablets, with the thought? The idea of ​​being able to imagine and write an essay on a spreadsheet in a simple and direct, through a thought, it is certainly tempting – and not only in the satisfaction of some personal laziness.

TechThe project is part of a research group at the Wadsworth Center in Albania, headed by researcher Jonathan Wolpaw and whose efforts are primarily aimed at developing a technology to overcome disabilities resulting from brain damage.

In this case we are dealing with a system capable of transforming some brain impulses into useful commands to write text and that seems remarkably simple in its composition.

The system consists of a headset on which are placed several electrodes filled with a special frost. Wearing the cap will then be necessary to observe some matrices of letters focusing specifically on the character that you plan to use. Each of the letters that make up the arrays will flash differently from one another, a factor that is transmitted through the ‘user’s brain activity and allow the computer to figure out what is the chosen letter.

The method requires a lot more time to write each character (several seconds) and definitely needs to be refined, but the possibilities it offers are undoubtedly intriguing.

Although it is not at all a widespread technology, the ability to activate electronic objects with brain waves is not unknown and is the perfect vehicle to offer an alternative route to certain obstacles to those individuals with limitations in the possibilities of communication or literally “trapped” in their body.

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