Extend The Life Of Your PS4 Controller With A Protective Skin

Any serious gamer knows that the PlayStation 4 is an impressive (and equally expensive) system that is sure to provide years of entertainment if handled with care. One of most common battles users faceis constantly being forced to purchase replacement controllers for their PS4, due to the abuse and damage that is a natural part of the videogame experience. (If you’ve ever hurled a controller across the room during an impossible final boss battle, you understand what we’re talking about.) The official Sony replacement controllers are priced at about $50. With the price of an average videogame going for about $59.99, these costs add up.

If you find yourself replacing damaged controllers on a regular basis, you should look into precautionary measures. Did you know that there are specialized protective skins that will extend the life of your system by protecting it against liquid spills, sweaty palms and accidental drops? Best of all, these affordable covers come in cool, eye-catching designs that will actually make your PS4 look like a stylish conversation piece all its own. If you head online, you’ll find a variety of retailers that are selling protection for any Playstation system, including the controllers. There’s a lot to choose from, but if you want superior quality, look for skins crafted from 3M vinyl. These materials are simply the best because they do not leave behind a sticky residue when removed. They also offer the best fit so that dust, liquid damage and oils from your hands cannot seep into the system and cause unnecessary damage.


Look for a company that offers a variety of styles and designs for your controllers, all crafted in 3M vinyl. Whether you choose a cover made from carbon fiber or leather vinyl, you’ll be purchasing a durable, high-end product that will offer an added level of protection against dirt and grime, hard drops and even the extreme temperatures in winter and summer that can really mess with your gaming system. By purchasing a top-of-the-line controller skin, you’ll be able to make sure that no matter how hard you play, you won’t end up with a scratched or broken controller. Go online if you’re looking to buy a PS4 controller skin and check out a company like the retailer dbrand. They offer controller skins in a variety of textures, designs and colours, ranging from faux wood paneling, flashy carbon fiber to white leather and their prices are very affordable considering that they’re made of expensive 3M vinyl.

If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to take care of business in 2015, taking precautionary measures to protect your investments is a step forward. Take care of the things you love by making sure that they can last for a long time. Investing in stylish protection for your PS4 will keep your system in perfect condition and will save you money in the long run. Instead of inevitably running to Best Buy to purchase yet another brand new controller, take that money and buy a new videogame to get lost in this season.

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