Google, the advice for purchases in 2015 a guide to accessories on PlayStore

App and accessories discounted on Google PlayStore in view of the new year

Google PlayStore is updated in view of 2015 and does it in style: you can see it very well by connecting to the page, where “New year, new life” Google kicked off a series of discounts and offers on applications and useful accessories for new year. It would be useless to offer everything that Google sells in his store, so we will focus only on what seems most useful for reader blog, especially fans of the search giant (it is obvious that Google has tried to bring water to his mill, putting featured products especially designed for the Nexus line).

googleA stand out in the store of the company are mainly the case for the Nexus tablet and keyboard Folio, in addition to the stand Folio case for Nexus 6: it is nothing more than a hard case and transparent, which will allow you to protect your tablet and at the same time, not to give up good looks; In short, many good suggestions from Google, which, however, failed to match the cunning of some of its competitors, albeit minor: just think OnePlus, that in order to be known, has kicked off a week of gifts ( there we talked about yesterday , and I strongly recommend you take part in the draw).

Google has also highlighted the many applications that you can download after the holidays, which is why you should immediately consult the store!

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