Hector, a robot modeled as an insect

Technological products are growing fast and the transition from stage to stage of development takes place in rhythm often very supported. Hector is at a good level of refinement.

Just a few years ago Hector was a dream cultivated by researchers at Bielefeld University (Germany), but time has proved them right, and led to very interesting and somewhat astounding.

TechThis robot inspired by an insect is moving effectively the first steps, leaving hope of applications in fields operating difficult on Earth and beyond.

Each of the six-legged moves autonomously, reacting to unexpected changes in the morphology of the terrain. These arts bionic allow Hector to maintain balance on a slippery ground, to overcome small obstacles and, more in general, to find a solution of disengagement in a good range of unfavorable circumstances.

At the moment it is a laboratory model, but soon it could become something more than a “simple” experiment. If everything goes the right way, this project could pave the way to self-employed drivers load in difficult situations, in extraterrestrial rovers and other conditions of employment.

This burly robot can make fun of the obstacles encountered along the way, moving apace on the different types of terrain. It ‘a jewel of technology electromechanics, controlled movements from one system Walknet. The video showcases effectively some of his qualities.

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