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What To Do (and Not Do) on Social Media

Whatever your social media goals, whether you want to build your Facebook likes or get more followers on Pinterest, these tips will help you make the most of your social media marketing.

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iTools: A freeware and best app

iTools is free of cost application that can be downloaded very easily on your device. It is mainly developed by Think sky and it supports in both windows. With this program you’ll contemporize your...

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Rumors about upcoming GTA 6 GamePlay and release date

GTA 6 are going to be the same as the past variations of the most extremely common game franchise of all time, overwhelmingly common. In which recognition is continuing to grow a whole lot...

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Green technologies for future ready smart homes

Green technology is the application of green energy resources to generate various non-toxic products. Green energy is basically energy which is naturally replenished. This includes sunlight, wind, rains, tides, waves and even geothermal heat....

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ASUS Strix 2.0 headphones for gaming platform

Asus has just announced the new Strix 2.0 multiplatform gaming headset compatible with PC, Mac, PS4, smartphones and tablets. This is a high quality product using large transducers 60 mm for powerful bass that...

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Recovery Tips That You Should Know

You can’t be careful enough so that no files or messages or contacts get deleted from your phone accidentally or due to some system problems. But it is quite a pain if you are...

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Pipo K2, announced new tablet Windows

Here is a very interesting new tablet Windows: Pipo K2 Today we present a new Windows tablet, Pipo K2, although, unfortunately, we have not provided many details on either the technical or the output...

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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac Free

Now since the time we have started storing all our information in the computer, problems have creep up. Though we often consider it to be quite handy, but the very reason has landed us...

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Why Do You Need Keylogger Software For Your Children?

Before we start discussing why you need a keylogger software for your children, let us first understand what exactly is a keylogger software. The software actually records and tracks the online activity of the...