ASUS Strix 2.0 headphones for gaming platform

Asus has just announced the new Strix 2.0 multiplatform gaming headset compatible with PC, Mac, PS4, smartphones and tablets. This is a high quality product using large transducers 60 mm for powerful bass that immerse the user in the game sound and music listening.

gadgetThey have a dual microphone design: a microphone with detachable arm that keeps clear conversations during the game and a second integrated for easy use while the user scrolls.

These new headphones are very comfortable to carry, since the microphone arm can be removed and ear pads can be folded to place on flat, which makes it easy to save and bring to a LAN party at a friend’s house or a tournament.

Features new headphones Asus Strix 2.0

For the specifications of the new Asus Strix 2.0 headphones, pay attention to the following lines:

– Neodymium magnet 60 mm

As noted at the beginning of the article, Strix 2.0 transducers incorporate large neodymium magnet 60 mm offering an impressive sound with a sound positioning high precision, powerful bass and a wide frequency range. Precise positioning offering plunges us into the gaming experience and allows greater control of the game environment. Being able to hear all the shots and footprints clearly, we will have easier to detect actions and the position in which they are enemies to have a clear advantage over our competitors.

The superb bass of 2.0 Strix give the audio a further dimension to play every single detail of sound with a superb level of impact. They also get great performance in the broadest range of sound, since reproducing medium and high frequencies with vivid clarity and maintaining extremely low distortion levels.

– Flexibility for various platforms

The Strix 2.0 are designed to work with PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, smartphones and tablets to provide practical experience audio, simply do not present any problems. Include a divider and an extension cable 1.5 m with separate headphone and microphone jacks for compatibility with PC and Mac. Furthermore, the combined audio jack and 3.5mm microphone and four poles included allows use Strix 2.0 smartphones, tablets and PlayStation 4.

– Dual microphone design for easy transport

The Strix 2.0 incorporates a dual microphone design that provides maximum flexibility for use at home or while the user moves from one place to another. The detachable microphone arm is perfect for communication during the game as it ensures clear conversations and perfectly audible voice. The microphone boom is easily removed to allow storing and transporting the headphones without a problem, while the built-in microphone is perfect for talks in motion.

The folding design allows you to place the pads on flat so you can easily wear headphones to a LAN Party or a tournament. The microphone arm can be easily removed for storage and carry the Strix 2.0.

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