How to improve the security of our Google accounts

Sure you have at least one Google account, have become almost indispensable, but there is growing threats on the internet so if you do not want to take any unpleasant surprises we have to learn how to improve the security of our Google accounts

googleIt has just celebrated the XI International Safer Internet Day, a date that was created to raise awareness about the need to take precautions to safely navigate the Web.

Today, Internet is present in the daily lives of millions of people worldwide, which have increased the number of risks. Hence, it is important to remember that online security is fundamental. Personal, bank details and other sensitive information is exposed to thousands of computer attacks that occur every day around the globe.

The Internet giant has always taken seriously the importance of safety, which is why Google introduced some time ago Safe Browsing technology, which is responsible for detecting sites that are not secure and warns us users before enter these pages. This is achieved protect hundreds of millions of Internet users, regardless of browser you use (Chrome, Firefox, Safari). Also, the two-step verification adds a second layer of security, so it is not enough only with passwords, to our Google accounts. This measure difficulty that cibera-criminals can break this barrier security, or at least they are much more complicated.

Security Accounts Google

If you have a Google account, we can perform a Security Check brief steps.

In addition, we can provide a range of data to improve the security of our accounts in Google and facilitate access if we can not access them:

– Information retrieval: add a phone number you can help Google to contact us if we can not access our own.

– Recent Activity: is a quick review of recent connections made ​​to our account. If we see any activity from one location or device that does not recognize, we immediately change our password.

– Permits note: these applications, websites and connected to our account of Google devices. Take a look and make sure you use and trust them all. You might want to delete an old mobile or application that old and never use. Only takes a few minutes to make sure your information is accurate and current. Visit your account settings and perform your Safety Check today.

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