Google Glass: The new boss of Fadell Nest want to start from scratch

According to sources inside the company’s new project manager, Tony Fadell, decided you want to start over and completely redesign the Google Glass.

google glassThere were no new official statements from Google about the future of Google Glass, a project that has apparently failed in order to achieve the expectations of the corporation.

But since it passed into the hands of Tony Fadell, head of Nest and co-inventor of the iPod, there has been much speculation on the route that will undertake. The New York Times, however, has its sources, and they claim that the new Glass will be completely different from gadgets that unfortunate pioneers of the project testing bought at a high price. Fadell wants to start over, and work on the project until when it will not be perfect.

There will be a program of public testing, there will be no chance to get their hands on prototypes nor buy.

On the other hand Nest does not have a history of beta testing at all reliable or product “perfect” as the convictions of Fadell would instead led to believe. This leads us to believe that it will take years and years to see the first Google Glass 2.

What we’d like to know is what Google thinks and what he thinks about the boss’s Nest Project “magical” augmented reality that Microsoft unveiled a few weeks ago. Hololens seems to have completely changed expectations about what you can actually do with a pair of glasses smart, and nothing that Google has ever presented approaches to augmented reality holographic proposal from Redmond.

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