Intensity Pro 4K PCIe card even your PC can handle 4K without problems

Do you want to go to 4K in your shots and you do not have a PC at? With this card PCIe tranquillizer can get by at a reasonable price.

The contents are 4K tidal wave relatively slow but irresistible, despite the lack of enthusiasm of the public are to establish themselves as UNO standards, and at the end as the only standard. At least until they are replaced by an even more detailed!

gadgetAt the time, the park of TV and PC that can handle them is actually quite limited. With Intensity Pro 4K , a PCIe card produced by the American Blackmagic Design, you can solve the problem on your computer, and you can then find ways to process the contents 4K with a PC older. No matter what kind of system you have: Windows, Mac OS X or Linux: as long as you have an available PCI Express slot this upgrade will be on hand.

Clearly this solution is particularly aimed at professionals or hobbyists who take their passion for shooting very seriously, and who chose to jump on the bandwagon of 4K while failing to provide the funds to do a total system upgrades. Given the specific, another category that will appreciate this card are those gamers who like to take their games and then share them with an audience.

The documentation explains that the card Intensity Pro 4K is able to capture footage of extremely high quality, such as 1080p at 60fps, useful in particular for the sport, but obviously also contained Ultra HD up to 2160p, although in this case the framerate is limited to 30fps, more than enough, I would say.

See a video at full resolution in real time suddenly becomes a realistic option for people installing this card on your workstation. The cost is $ 199 and is available immediately. Are provided for mounting software bundled, but we find it hard to believe that those who will be interested in this component does not already have their favorite tools.

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