Top 4 Tips to Prevent Computers From Contracting USB Viruses

As we all know, viruses can really harm your computer, and one common (and often overlooked) way of getting them is via infected USB drives (flash drives). So I am going to provide the top four tips that can help you keep your computer safe when using USB drives.


When the user double clicks on the USB drive files, they are opened by the autorun.inf, which also copies the virus files on your system. So, in order to protect your computer, you can open your USB drive files through the FreeCommander software. It’s easy to use and functions as a replacement for the usual Windows file manager, while also allowing you to have much better control of your files.

Turn off Autoplay in Windows

Most USB viruses contains an autorun.inf and .bat file or something similar. Autorun is actually the Windows feature which automatically executes inserted USBs or CD/DVDs. So, to protect your computer from any potential threats, I suggest you to disable the Autoplay (or Autorun) feature. In order to disable it, go to Start –> Run and enter there “gpedit.msc” then, a Group Policy wizard will appear. After that happens, click on “Computer Configuration –> Administrative Templates –> System”. In System, click the Turn off Autoplay Option and the Disable Autoplay Feature. After that, the next step is to go to “User Configuration –> Administrative Templates –> System”. In System, click on Turn off Autoplay Option and Disable Autoplay Feature. By following these few steps, you can turn off the Autoplay feature of Windows.

Regularly scan USB devices using your antivirus

Yes, regular scanning through updated antivirus software is a good idea for USB devices, because it can spot any viruses that already exist on the USB drive, and warn you about them. I usually recommend you use a dedicated USB Virus Scan software, but if you don’t have that, go for the best antivirus software you can find. Again, if you can’t afford a premium version, most free antiviruses should also allow you to scan any USB drives.

USB Write Protector

Flash Drive viruses can be copied whenever your system detects a new device is plugged in. I still remember that there are few old USB drives that come with a “write protect” feature but, unfortunately, most of the new flash drives don’t come with such feature. Which, if I had to hazard a guess, could be due to manufacturers wanting to cut down production costs.

So, the only way to protect your USB flash drive is to enable the write protect feature through your own PC with the help of something like the USB Write Protector Software. With USB Write Protector, you can turn on/off the write protect to a USB flash drive at any time.

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