3 Simple Steps to Spy on Android WhatsApp Chats

Do you have anyone who you would like to spy on Android WhatsApp chats? It’s not difficult or expensive these days, thanks to XNSPY, a smartphone monitoring app. Just in three simple steps, you will be able to track any targeted user, be it your kid or employee at office:


Buy and download XNSPY

First you will be required to buy the subscription package. There are three subscription plans; yearly, quarterly and monthly. You can also choose from the basic or premium edition. Your download will start immediately following your payment. You will also be emailed the account details which you will use to sign into XNSPY’s webpage based control panel.

Install XNSPY

To install XNSPY, you need to get a physical hold of the target device for few minutes. After that, the app will start uploading all the relevant data onto the control panel which you can access later. The great thing about this app is that even if a file is deleted from the phone storage, it will still be accessible from the control panel.

Start monitoring

You are all set to begin monitoring of the target device. You can also toggle on/off features from the settings according to your choice. Now we should get to the list of features that can XNSPY offers:

  • Monitor phone logs: you can monitor logs of calls, SMS, phonebook, emails, internet browsing history and calendar entries. You can view all incoming, outgoing and missed calls. SMS conversations are saved with contact’s ID, date and time tags for easy readability.
  • IM chats tracker: your kids probably use instant messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Line and Skype a lot. Not only they expose themselves to certain dangers like cyber bullying, catfishing, online predating etc. but it also consumes a major chunk of their day which otherwise could have been utilized to study or do any other productive task. You can monitor chat conversations, photos, videos and audio shared to others by your kids.
  • GPS tracker: for all those nasty kids who like to sneak out late night. Parent can track their kids’ location in real-time. for all those parents who are busy all day with their work can view complete location history
  • Monitor photos, videos and audio recordings: you can also access content from target user’s gallery like photos, videos and audio.
  • Remote control: with this powerful feature, you can control the target device like locking it or wiping data over it.

XNSPY is a great app to spy on Android WhatsApp chats

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