A Google tablet to help Doctors Without Borders in the fight Ebola

Google.org will make a particular wireless tablet to support Doctors Without Borders against Ebola…

Google is working on a tablet very particular, at the request of Doctors Without Borders, which in Africa is still fighting against the deadly ebola virus.

googleThis is not the first solution of companies for the epidemic – just think, for example, to what was done by Samsung once exploded the virus, or to the rest of society; it is, however, a device’s useful, since it will allow doctors to monitor patients, without the risk of contracting Ebola. But we see all the details.

The main problem ebola is definitely that of care; There are, however, many other problems associated with it, that prevent, unfortunately, the proper discharge, by doctors, works and functions that are the basis of any research and control: finding high-risk contagion, in fact, doctors can record patient information with great difficulty, because the paper is not safe from the hygienic point of view and, above all, the tablet can not be cleaned easily (the solution in which they should be soaked for more than ten minutes to chlorine-based).

Precisely from these requirements, Jay Achar, doctor operating in Sierra Leone, has asked Ivan Gayton, a colleague, a solution: the latter turned to Google.org, the section of the Mountain View giant that deals times of humanitarian, asking him to develop wireless tablet that can be used in hazardous environments such as that taken into account: now works in the project Professor Eric D. Perakslis, Harvard Medical School, who is trying to adapt technologies to Google to the needs of doctors in the area. A project that is a credit to Mountain View and that certainly – it is hoped, at least – will prove to be highly effective: we will keep you updated.

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