ARC, a pen against Parkinson designed by students

Great progress in the world of science with ARC, pen that allows to solve some problems related to the micrograph

The technology continues to make great strides and this ballpoint pen is its clearest demonstration it is a special device that a team of students from the Royal College of Art and ‘Imperial College London studied against Parkinson’s disease, specifically against the micrograph, which is one of the negative effects of the disease, unfortunately, by the impossibility of writing in a clear and understandable ( precisely because of Parkinson’s, in fact, the person would begin to write everything progressively smaller until not make himself understood more).

gadgetYou can well understand, then, how important having studied this pen ARC, which, equipped with motors that vibrate and stimulate certain muscles, solves the problem and allows, therefore, to write as always. And there’s more: being very big like contraption, the pen allows the wielder to coordinate precisely all the fingers; In short, you can not just say that ARC does not solve most of the problems caused by the micrograph.

This is not the first case in which the technology offers solutions of this type think, for example, to Lift Labs, that a little ‘time ago launched into the market a spoon, Liftware, usable even by those who suffer from Parkinson’s, which were able to feed themselves. We hope that the technology always make more progress and that this is not the last time we talked about hardware and software for diseases of various kinds.

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