BenQ W1350 easy versatility

Modern look and pleasant for the BenQ W1350, with native 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080); brightness 2500 AL; 10000: 1 contrast.

BenQ W1350 is a new dedicated home entertainment projector. This is an incredibly easy to use and install, with interesting functional options.

ProjectorAmong its strengths: the lateral with horizontal correction, the short-throw, flexible zoom, the adjustable lens, Full HD and the Kit Wireless connectivity MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link). The quality of the frames is further enhanced by the optical system with 12 low-dispersion lenses, completely in glass.

This model for entertainment on the big screen (wireless) promises spectacular images Full HD uncompressed 100 inches at a distance of only 3 meters, which can be enjoyed in different environmental contexts. Taking advantage of his skills as you can transform any room in the house into a center of entertainment for console gaming, film and video at the touch of a button: a proof of Paleolithic man.

The ease of use and rich operating range make it a gadget palatable for family leisure and entertainment staff. BenQ W1350 is a versatile projector that can meet a wide range of needs: from those of film lovers to those fans or gamer enthusiasts. The price is not very popular for the meager pockets of those who are battered by the crisis, but is in line with the content, touching share $1299 (including VAT).

In return you get a shopping item innovative and accessible for use, which can be received like any household appliance.

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