Microsoft Surface 3, first rumor on the data sheet of the tablet with Windows 8.1

Microsoft Surface 3 could equip Windows 8.1 (upgradeable to Windows 10) here is the first rumor on tablet

Have been leaked on the net the first rumor of Microsoft Surface 3 tablet on which we do not have reliable information of any kind, and then when we consider a mystery what we are about to tell you, in short, could correspond to something not true, to force a hoax but not necessarily true.

TabletIf these rumors were true, however, would be a 3 Surface Mr. tablet: Windows 8.1 would assemble, and not Windows RT, because – as you know – this platform will be gradually abandoned over time.

But let all the technical specifications of the alleged tablet and the first indications emerged about him:

  • Could mount an Atom processor or Intel Core M, complete with Windows 8.1;
  • This would be a non-pro tablet, thus not belonging to the Surface Pro line: Expect, therefore, also the release of Microsoft Surface Pro 3;
  • The tablet should be a fanless, and this is good, even if it was to take for granted, given the processors that could equip;
  • Could be announced before the Build Developer Conference or during the event.

Microsoft Surface 3 may not be the name of the tablet, then to Build Developer Conference that will start April 29 will be told everything and more about him, saw that he was not at all discussed so far: we, of course, we will update you do not as soon as we know more, hoping to confirm the rumors that emerged on this day.

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