OnePlus announce a new mysterious device in April

OnePlus present a new interesting (and mysterious) device in April.

According to recently leaked rumor about OnePlus, it seems that the company is interested in launching a completely new device in April not unprecedented for the whole market, of course, but simply for the offer OnePlus who have grown so far ;

mobileThis means, in short, that we will not see out on the market a new smartphone, or at least this is not the device referenced by the company. And do not think that it will be one smartwatch or a tablet because OnePlus scrapped both hypotheses first, because now the tablet no longer have the same appeal as before, since the phablet are able to do a lot better; the second, not for any particular reason, evidently, OnePlus has something else in mind …

Everything, in short, is still shrouded in mystery, as OnePlus has not released any details : the fact that this is not usually the product, however, gives us hope, because the company has always been synonymous with quality, good price and originality in all areas in which he worked (think even the most simple earphones that have gone to steal some time ago ). It should not disappoint, in fact, because it is still a reality in expansion and any misstep could cost her dearly.

The Mobile World Congress in 2015 gave us many surprises , including tablets and smartphones: it’s nice to know, though, that something new will be launched in the near future.

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