Play Watch – Watch small camera

The little love to imitate the great. They know very well the parents, that measure up to the demands of the beloved children. When your dad has the Apple Watch can get strange requests …

gadgetPlay Watch is a kind of smartwatch for toddlers. In fact, it is no exaggeration to call it smart watch, having an intrinsic nature different from the conventional one.

The model does not communicate with the smartphone , but boasts a style of electronic toy of the latest generation. This is enough for children, whose reserves functionality very interesting for the specific target audience.

In exchange for a cost of $ 70 provides a miniature camera, which allows you to shoot video and shots up to 6 minutes in duration. Of course, the resolution is low, but it can satisfy the needs of the recipients.

The captured material can be downloaded to your computer via USB. The budget, of course, could not exclude a voice recorder, which in fact is present. The lack of interaction with smartphones and similar increases battery life, need a lot more adults also felt by users.

The Play Watch allows you to have fun with some games and boasts a touchscreen 1.41 inches. The memory is 128 MB. Very rich assortment of color straps, to adhere to the tastes of the vibrant small, who also plays for the purchase price affordable for parents.

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