Samsung Perch, new open source project for video surveillance of the house

A really nice project, that recorded by Samsung recently here Perch, application that could come soon for the smart home.

Samsung also continues to register patents for the smart home, and this Samsung Why it is the clearest proof, since it is a device, according to own a patent filed recently by the company, for the surveillance of the house and unfortunately not yet described in detail in its operation and in its main features; more than one device, in fact, we should speak of an application, since there is no trace of hardware in the documents (although there is no doubt that sooner or later Samsung will also present this …).

CameraLast year Samsung has acquired SmartThings to about $ 200 million – the rumors are these, at least – and it was only the beginning, it seems, because now the company is starting to get going, to not get lags behind Google, which – remember him – has already acquired Nest, company known for the much-loved thermostat, and Dropcam, with respect to which the new project is in direct competition.

With Samsung Why, in fact, users can constantly monitor what is going on inside and outside the walls of the house, and that no matter where you are: Why is connected to the tablet and smartphone, and allows its customers to constantly monitor all the rooms in the house. To explain everything you own the company, which also speaks of “identification of objects and their recognition,” in addition to “motion analysis”: in short, it seems that the Koreans have thought of everything, even if the project is still at the top sea.

Samsung Why emphasize especially its open source nature, and do not do much to: the fact that any company can contribute to the improvement of all Samsung Perch, studying new products compatible with it, can only be a strong point of the initiative. Too bad we have not yet confirmed this effect and so everything could be just a rumor.

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