Vector one smartwatch with 30 days of autonomy

It confirms the dynamism in the market smartwatch, where there is a lively productive ferment.

Vector is the name of a smartwatch whose name is borrowed from the company that produces it. The model was presented at Baselworld 2015. Two declinations provided cash with round or rectangular. In the first case the name chosen is Luna ($ 349), in the second Meridian ($ 199).

gadgetThe plot is independent of the operational choice dialectic, ensuring identical functions to users, where the double option to indulge in a more fitting aesthetic needs, to bring the wrist what you love most from the point of view of style.

The appearance, in both cases, is rather conventional. It seems, in fact, be it classic watches. In a way they are, but marry typical functions of smart watches. The main strength is perhaps the autonomy, which reaches 30 days under ideal conditions.

Such a long operating license is connected to the fact that these watches do not have a screen touchsreen. Also, take advantage of a high-contrast monochrome display, rather than one color, further facilitating the ability to make it work without charging for such a large number of days.

The producer talks about compatibility with iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The management functions are set using the buttons. Hard to say how this can weigh over a touch screen, because it all depends on the settings. It may be that the use is not cumbersome. Like other smartwatch, in this model you can view notifications, SMS, e-mail and information on the health of the wearer through various sensors activities. For commercialization must wait until summer.

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