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We already have official release date for one of the most anticipated devices of this year. Apple has announced that its highly anticipated Apple Watch will be available from next April 24 in a number of countries (Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, United Kingdom and United States), among which, for now. Hopefully more the first wearable device company Apple and the latest addition to its ecosystem is not delayed.

Apple watchAll about Apple Watch

As we told you in his presentation, this intelligent clock precision will allow us to communicate more intimately and immediately, and present a series of applications and benefits of health and fitness. Another of the highlights of Apple Watch is the sheer number of opportunities offered to customize according to our tastes. But surely, as happens with other models from other manufacturers already available, the highlight of the device are the apps developed by third parties that offer a myriad of uses for our SmartWatch.

Being an Apple product, it’s no wonder it has been conceived and designed as a single product, in which hardware and software are fully integrated. It has taken great care everything related to design and construction materials, with innovative technologies such as Digital Corona, which offers an innovative way to scroll, zoom and navigate smoothly without clogging the screen. The Retina display Apple Touch Force Watch distinguish between a touch and pressure, and can quickly and easily access the most important controls. And the new Taptic Engine gently touches the user’s wrist when it receives a notification or message.

An incredibly accurate and customizable clock

Watch Apple is an incredibly accurate clock and timed with a maximum deviation of 50 milliseconds compared to world standard UTC. The Apple Watch can be customized with areas such Chronograph (a traditional analog dial) Modular (a sphere full of information), and even movement (with beautiful animation of butterflies or jellyfish). Watch Apple offers a lot of information in addition to the hour thanks to additional features of the area-known as “complications”, as sunrise and sunset, upcoming events calendar or daily activity level. With customizable fields and various complications, Apple Watch offers millions of possible configurations. Sliding up on the screen Glances, which quickly shows the most important as the weather forecast, a map of your current location or the music you’re playing information appear.

More intimate and direct communication

The Apple Watch allows the user to send messages, read email and respond to incoming calls on the iPhone directly from the wrist. Meanwhile, Taptic Engine warns us with a soft touch for us not to lose important notifications. With Digital Touch, Apple Watch can communicate in entirely new ways, such as sending a picture, or even a touch heart rate. With Apple Watch we interact in the most practical way with the world around us and, for example, pay a coffee with apple pay, get on a plane with a boarding pass to Passbook or lift the wrist to ask Siri turn- Maps by step.

Innovative health benefits and sport

The Apple Watch motivate us to abandon the sedentary life, we move more and do exercise every day. Thus the Activity app simply shows the activity through three rings indicate the calories consumed, the intense activity and the number of times we’ve built up over the day after sitting for a while. Training in the app, the Apple Watch shows detailed statistics while performing the most common activities like walking, running or cycling.

Watch Apple intelligently uses the most appropriate for each type of motion sensors such as the accelerometer, heart rate sensor and the GPS and Wi-Fi iPhone, to provide a complete summary of daily activity and training. The iPhone app collects activity data activity and exercise Apple Watch for us to see our history in greater detail. Watch Apple uses this history to suggest custom activity goals, celebrate achievements and motivate.

Models and sizes

Watch Apple will be available in two sizes (38 and 42 mm) and comes in three collections (Sport Watch Apple, and Apple Apple Watch Watch Edition). The Apple Watch Sport comes with anodized aluminum case in silver or gray space, protected by glass screen Retina-X Ion reinforced, and sporting strap fluoroelastomer available in five colors.

Watch the Apple collection comes with stainless steel polished or black and Retina display space protected by sapphire crystal finish. Watch the Apple collection lets you choose from three leather straps, steel bracelet links and Milanese mesh Loop, and the black and white sports straps. The Apple Watch Edition comes with pink gold or yellow 18 carat specially designed to be twice as hard as the traditional gold, Retina screen protected by sapphire crystal polished and a selection of straps designed exclusively with zippers, buckles and clips 18 karat gold.

A world of possibilities with apps

The potential of apps for Apple Watch are limitless, from a vehicle with Uber order to check-in with American Airlines, book a bike on an Equinox fitness area or remotely control the Lyric Honeywell thermostat. These experiences extend the functionality of the apps for iPhone that most loved and allow users to interact with them in an innovative way: directly from the wrist.

The most popular apps, such as Instagram, At Bat, Nike + Running, OpenTable, Shazam, Twitter, WeChat and many more are also available for the Apple Watch. The new app from Apple Watch for the iPhone that comes with iOS 8.2 allows the user to view, buy and download apps from the App Store on Apple Watch.

Great autonomy

The Apple Watch is designed to take all day, offers up to 18 hours of battery life for all day and comes with a unique solution to charge combining MagSafe Apple technology with induction charging to connect to the fastest and simplest way.

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