Compare iPhone 6 VS Galaxy S6, which is better?

The idea of ​​this to provide information to help them make good decisions depending on what you are looking for, find the ideal cell depends on many factors, not simply the fact that it is a little faster, one must make a design decision considering he likes, he likes more platform, terminal chamber, screen, battery, ecosystem and after-sales service, you see there is much that we have to see before deciding to buy that cell.

ComparisonNow, with these two terminals are not going to be lost, both teams are very good and the experience they have is simply the best of the best, although there are several aspects in don’t see that a cell highlighted more than the other and that’s where we come to explain, for example, the camera, the screen is better in the Galaxy S6, outside the camera has twice the resolution application is more complete, the screen is larger with higher resolution and pixel density, so those two points can not be discussed now that does not mean that the iPhone screen is bad, just that the Galaxy S6 is better.

The design is something more personal and in my case I’m on the Galaxy, I like the building and how it feels in the hand, very comfortable. Then we have the performance, there is no doubt that these two terminals will run well on any application that we put forward so for me this is not a point of discussion.

The battery in both terminals last us a day without problem, the Galaxy S6 finish the day with a 25% to 30% while the iPhone 6 with 10% to 15%, now, all this will depend on use you give them to the terminal, this example is the use we’ve been giving the two cell, EYE in both cases have to carry two devices when we got home, another advantage we will have in the Galaxy S6 is saving mode energy, which we will not see in the iPhone 6 and really helps keep the phone with the basic functions without using too much battery.

Ecosystem, the best aspect is where Apple keeps all your devices synchronized and in harmony, we call on our Mac or iPad, answer messages, transfer maps, our photos are instantly pass our other devices, in order, are some points which is important also for other possibly because many do not have other Apple devices.

After sales service in this respect in the United States does not have official Samsung store, so if we have any problem we will have to call for them to send us a shipping label and wait more than a week the results, whereas Apple we have many stores in the US so if something happens to your phone simply make an appointment, go to the store and you solve the problem if it is something generated by the cell. All products by law in the US must have a 1 year warranty, the problem is that the way to solve with Samsung is a bit complicated, while Apple is no simplicity in the process. Another advantage is the insurance for $ 99 you have the possibility to replace a cell every year in case of falls or breaks (perfect in my case since I doing comparative iPhone dropped it and broke the screen).

EYE that this is not seen everywhere, there are many countries that do not have an Apple Store so that any settlement must be made directly from the tend where you purchased the phone.

Finally I can say that both smartphones are very good, it will depend a lot on your preferences in terms of operating system design, or if you are looking for a good camera, screen or after-sales service, as the performance in terms of applications both cell incredible run.

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