For Now Microsoft Edge Will Not Leave The Borders Of Windows 10

One of the protagonists of Build 2015 Microsoft was Edge, the new browser from Windows 10 that has long carried the name of Spartan, but now was officially christened by the company when it is short for the official launch of the latest version the Windows operating system.

MicrosoftEdge comes to replace Internet Explorer, there is no doubt about that, but they also come to compete directly with the most popular browsers in recent years have to take enough advantage, that at least as far as computers are concerned since according to Microsoft itself the new browser would come only to devices with Windows 10, leaving out even Windows 7, the latter because if a device is compatible with Windows 7 so it is with Windows 10 and before that one would update the system version operating.

The exclusion of different platforms to Microsoft is total, by that I mean not only Linux and OS X are beyond the benefits that presents Microsoft Edge, it also leaves out mobile platforms like iOS and Android. The news rather surprised in the mobile ecosystem, this because Microsoft in recent times has focused its efforts on bringing their applications to these platforms and the most logical thing would also bring its new browser to encompass a greater number of users, or at least that Logic says.

Microsoft is aware of how important your new browser and does not leave room for errors that may revive old ghosts of IE, before this it remains to develop, correct and polish the new browser within the walls of Windows 10, and not It is nothing strange when we talk about a new application, because this browser was built from scratch and possibly present problems that Microsoft does not want others to see.

At the moment those are the conditions to use Microsoft Edge, but possibly over time and based on acceptance and criticism (good or bad), this can go or not-to compete with other browsers on other platforms that do not are Microsoft, and hope so because at least at first glance Edge is an interesting browser that could well be a good alternative for those who are not happy with your current browser.

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