HoloLens, a closer look at the hardware

At the Build Developer Conference 2015 Microsoft publishes new information material illustrating some details on the construction of its virtual reality headset, HoloLens.

In the first weeks of January, Microsoft unveiled for the first time in the world his next, as yet unpublished, operating system, Windows 10. Next to it have the appearance also some interesting projects, including one that focused on virtual reality and development an appropriate device HoloLens.

GadgetTo Build Developer Conference 2015, the annual conference for developers, they could not miss updates about it, because the company of Redmond is still determined to make it work.

Microsoft is still far from being able to present a final product but, in the meantime, seasoned conference with some information and details about their glasses to the RV. The video material focuses on the development of the first prototypes and the difficulty of compressing all that hardware in such a small device, the same faced by Google in the development of its Glass.

Obviously HoloLens are loaded with sensors and, despite all efforts, continue to be an accessory cumbersome and conspicuous though it gives the idea of ​​being comfortable to wear thanks to the closing ergonomic.

Microsoft also unveiled Holographic Platform, the project focused on the development of applications for HoloLens in the video you can see how the gadget overlaps the real world a layer of information and holographic images.

Of course everything is still at an initial stage but the potential seem many and applications ranging from simple menus virtual versions of popular software such as Skype projected on the walls to get to the possibility of driving a drone through an environment.

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