How to be a success on eBay

Running a successful business from home is a dream which many people yearn to come true. Thanks to the many online selling marketplaces which now exist, there are perhaps more opportunities to attain that dream than ever before. Although the choice of marketplaces on which to trade online is fairly comprehensive, eBay remains one of the most popular.

How to be a success on eBay

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There was a time many years ago when eBay was simply a place to sell unwanted household goods or duplicate Christmas presents. The number of actual businesses trading on there was limited. Today, although there are still many private sellers offering their unwanted goods, the eBay marketplace has become much more of a business oriented arena. Despite what many people think, it is not just large corporations which trade successfully on eBay. There are a great number of success stories concerning sellers who began their eBay trading careers in a small way.

Seller success stories

As reported by the Metro, a former mortgage advisor began selling on the trading platform part-time and now makes in excess of £500,000 a year. Similar success stories can be found in the Telegraph.

Many of the most successful sellers on eBay begin by trading part-time in the traditional way, selling goods from around the home in order to build up a reputation and earn valuable seller feedback. It is good practice to try to build up feedback by making a number of purchases yourself before launching headlong into selling. It can often prove difficult to gain the trust of buyers if you have a very low feedback score. The other advantage to buying things initially is the fact that you get to see how other sellers go about their business, giving you an excellent opportunity to rate their service and see how you could improve on it.

Deciding on exactly what you are going to sell can often be the trickiest part of becoming a successful trader on eBay. Gaps in the market are becoming increasingly rare, so you are likely to have to trade in something that others are selling too. It is important to sell things that you are personally passionate about. This not only helps you create better listings which capture the attention of buyers but also ensures you will actually enjoy your eBay experience.

Standing out from the competition

With so many traders on eBay, standing out from the crowd is not easy. After a while, your own personal brand will begin to form and this will allow you to create listings which conform to that brand. Many top-sellers use professional eBay templates for this purpose, created by online marketing specialists such as

The amount of selling competition on eBay means that there is always likely to be someone selling the same items as you at a cheaper price. If the price difference is minimal, try not be tempted into a price war. Buyers will often purchase goods at a slightly higher price if they know they are going to receive a superior service, so make customer service your number one priority!

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