Mouse to play good, that’s Ventus X with grill to cool the hand

Sweating too much and you need a good mouse to play? Ventus X is the solution for you …

Today we present a really good mouse to play, Ventus X, which has the cool feature of the palm of the hand through a grid honeycomb: that of Tt eSports gaming division of Thermaltake, is certainly a good choice, as it happens to everyone, especially in the summer, that he could not play well because of sweaty palms; this mouse for gaming, in fact, was only meant to solve a real problem, and, although it is not very cheap, definitely can be purchased almost with my eyes closed (I say ‘almost’, because there is always the offer behind the angle to be considered).

MouseDesigned for right-handed, Ventus X has a laser sensor with accuracy of 5 thousand 700 DPI and a system to regulate weight: three units from 4.5 grams to remove or put in as needed (the total weight, unfortunately, has not been communicated by the company). It does not end here: The mouse also has a lighting system LED on the wheel and under the grid, as well as six buttons to program: everything is handled by a proprietary software on which we have no doubt, knowing the company’s products.

But we complete the picture of the most important technical data of Ventus X: The USB cable for connecting to PC is 1.8 meters long and is plated with gold (a bit ‘too much like color, but we can stand). The judgment is positive overall, although not very good and Ventus X makes a good mouse to play, but not exactly cheap: the choice is yours, really!

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