Samsung Galaxy S6 and LG G4 two different ways of understanding the evolution

Both the family Galaxy S6 as the LG G4 terminals are high complete range, current and references of their respective companies, which presented their credentials to position themselves as leaders on Android … at least. But the way they have raised some issues such as finishing, battery, memory expansion or the chip is quite different. Let’s look.

Large, removable battery integrated front

What should value around the battery of a smartphone ? Samsung decided to shelve a story of love with the removable battery and its S6 and change to a design with metal and glass finish, let this fully integrated component.

SmartphoneWith external battery as something usual in helping the smartphones in the day when we squeeze the maximum, this decision seems all the more manageable. We’ll see if the longevity that can be given to a high-end like this bill does not pass in that paragraph. If the battery is removable that change with which rejuvenate a smartphone is much more feasible.

In contrast, LG has taken to G4 the decision to leave the possibility of removing the battery from its high-end of this year and reach 3,000 mAh capacity, 500 mAh more than in the case of Samsung. Here he has not hesitated to sacrifice a possible reduction in weight and thickness to not let that take on the role specification. Then you must show that the amount was adequate.

Where I do have coincided both Samsung and LG have been in choosing and quickly integrate wireless charging standard. Good and comfortable thought.

MicroSD slot or design, should we choose?

If the average input ranges and internal memory capacity is usually not an option on many models in the upper range it is one of the topics to be taken into account. Falling short can pose a continuing headache. Unless available microSD slot to save us in any situation.

This year Samsung has Surprised? leaving this option to choose their Galaxy S6, while LG has kept in his new flagship. In fact only given the option of an internal capacity, 32 GB, another curiosity will not see much at the high end of the 2015.

Here we must not forget that slot can be a bottleneck for performance, especially with the arrival of the new internal memory USF 2.0 that Samsung launches the Galaxy S6.

Thanks to these sacrifices, or that excuse, Samsung has been at once the most basic high-end finish to one of the most exquisite, with glass (curved in the case of Edge S6) and metal. Thus is the LG G4 as the only benchmark that maintains a finish that is no glass or metal. Your new this year is a housing skin that will give a great personality.

The view from the extreme sense

What made ​​LG dispense Snapdragon 810 mounted his LG G Flex 2 for LG G4? Since Qualcomm claim it is a decision for a while, but be that as it may, the choice seems right. We’ll see if it meets as it should.

We have often stressed that the current rate, processor renewals are not used in day-to-day smartphones. So LG has not hesitated to slightly reduce the theoretical performance with Snapdragon 808, more balanced, and avoid surprises.

Same decision but in another sense he took Samsung. They also passed the 810 but the solution was not giving up the maximum power available but all stay home with its own Exynos processors.

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