Solving Common Vacuum Cleaner Issues

If you are having problems with your vacuum cleaner and are unsure how to solve these issues you are in the right place. Below we explain the root causes of common Hoover issues and explain how to solve them.

Loss of suction

The most common problem is a loss of suction. Nine times out of ten, some type of blockage causes this issue. Clear the blockage and you usually solve the suction problem.

Vacuum Cleaner Issues

Where the blockage is depends on the type of machine you are using. If it is an upright vacuum cleaner, unplug it and remove the bag or dust collection canister and empty it. Check the pipe that runs from the base of the Hoover to the bag and remove any blockages from there. Lastly turn it on its side and check there are no visible blockages.

The process for unblocking a cylinder vacuum is more or less the same, but in addition, you need to check the pipe that leads from the floor-cleaning accessory to the cylinder.

Strange smell when vacuuming

If you notice a strange smell when vacuuming, turn the machine off, unplug it immediately, and investigate. Turning the machine off quickly is particularly important if you smell burning. Usually a burning smell occurs because the motor is burning out. Stopping the machine quickly will prevent more damage from being done and keep the repair bill down.

Emptying the dust receptacle solves most other smell issues. Often the smell is there because a small piece of food has been sucked into the machine and it has started to rot there. Remove the piece of food and you remover the source of the smell.

Intermittent cutting out

Normally, if a Hoover cuts out intermittently the issue is a lose power cable. Check the connections in the plug. If that does not work, send it to a repairer or ask a local electrician to check the power connection inside the vacuum cleaner.

If all else fails consult a professional

If all of the above tips fail to solve your problem you will need to send your cleaner away for repair. Over the past few years, the cost of vacuum cleaner repairs have come down considerably, which means that it is normally more economical to get your cleaner repaired rather than repairing it.

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