The wearable devices will be so small as to be invisible

The wearable devices of the future? They will be very small, almost invisible…

The world of wearable devices is enriched day after day of new devices and new technologies, a bit like the smart home and smart technologies in general (think only the latest proposals at Expo 2015 in Milan by Enel or the last work on some bridges of New York).

TechnologyAnd even today, for this reason, we are here to talk about the future of these technologies, as experts believe that big changes will take place within five years or so: according to their words, in fact, it seems that most of the device will become wearable small to such an extent as to be invisible.

At the moment, we accelerators from a square millimeter, and this is not surprising; strikes us, however, and this is just one of the most important, the possible arrival in the market of The Dash, which is still in the design phase: we are talking about a project launched on Kickstarter which consists of a headset-MP3 player 4GB also useful for calls made and only two earphones disappearing into the ear; In short, the small size seem to lead the future market of wearable.

Experts assure that the devices are getting smaller, but that will not happen, of course, for accessories that are put on display (smartwatch, for example, and not limited to): we’ll see how they will be integrated new products and, above all, if the time will be right to consider these five years of which has been discussed. We will keep you posted.

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