These Are The Versions Of Windows 10

In the words of Microsoft, Windows 10 would be coming to market in northern summer, so there is not much to see that this version was called to be the last major version of Windows. More Details, details less, the fact is that Windows 10 has been well received by the user community sample of what I say are the 3.9 million who are tested during previous versions of Windows 10 that Microsoft has been published over the course of several months.

WindowsSince Windows Vista (if I remember correctly), Microsoft adopted the theme to create different versions of your operating system, you are always oriented to the alleged needs of its users, even though deep down we all knew that the most basic versions coming in all brand computers were incomplete way, were horrible and unstable and there was more to buy a license to a Professional version, Ultimate, or Enterprise to get the real benefits of this OS advantage.

Well, with Windows 10 do not think we will get rid of the different versions of Windows, to be more accurate-and according to the same people Microsoft- have the not inconsiderable amount of 7 versions of Windows 10, that between the Mobile Version and computers. I broadly detail each of these seven versions of Windows 10:

1. Windows 10 Home is the version that is included in most desktop and notebook PCs to be sold, and it will be players like Microsoft Edge, face recognition Windows Hello browser and, of course, the universal applications.

2. Windows 10 Pro will be equivalent to Windows 8 Pro, and enable jobs and business computers to connect to servers very oriented to these scenarios and have access to Windows Update for Business program.

3. Windows 10 Mobile be the successor of Windows Phone and will include new versions of Office are optimized for the touch interface and the striking and promising feature we met recently, Continuum for Phones, which will enable your smartphone to become a PC desktop once we connect it to a monitor, mouse and keyboard. This version will be available for both mobile phones to small-format tablets (less than 8 inches diagonally) and maintain an interface that will be broadly identical in visual finish we now have on Windows Phone devices.

4. Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise designed for large companies, this special edition will allow license the operating system on all smartphones and tablets business and also enjoy “flexible ways for companies to manage updates” and Microsoft promise integrate these issues security patches and improvements in innovation as they become available.

5. Windows 10 Enterprise edition builds on Windows 10 Pro but adds features for use in large deployments. As in the case of the mobile edition for business, responsible for Microsoft suggest that this year will be access to security updates and improvements more quickly than in previous years.

6. Windows 10 Education derived from the above, this edition is aimed at educational and academic institutions where there are special requirements for staff, administrators, teachers and students. There will be a special licensing program volume for these scenarios also students who want to spend their licenses Home and Pro Windows 10 to Windows 10 Education can do it easily.

7. Windows 10 IoT Core edition of which just gives details let you install a cut of Windows 10 in low-cost devices and editing much more modest benefits. They talk about devices such as gateways, but we only think of an example: the Raspberry Pi 2.

At the moment it is not known about the version of Windows 10 to take the console from Microsoft, which is not mentioned in the list but which clearly exists and is different from all those mentioned above.

In Microsoft they have highlighted the fact that Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 Pro will be free updates for users with devices and equipment with valid licenses of Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 in the first year of availability operating system.

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