Apple Bet on Quality and Safety in iOS 9 and OS X 10.11

It seems that Apple has decided to finally give in to the pressure and criticism of its members and after two years of great changes has decided to focus on the quality and safety of iOS and Mac OS X at the cost of filing a much smaller number of developments in Compared to previous years according to multiple sources familiar with the development plans of the company’s operating systems.

First, as we have in 9to5Mac, iOS nine codenamed “Monarch” will have great optimizations but OS X 10.11 so far known as “Gala” is not far behind and sources indicate that similarly improve considerably in terms of security and stability, as well as major changes in Swift Tools Developer Program. All this with the intention of returning to the level of quality that many remember dearly in Snow Leopard.

New features for iOS 9 and OS X 10.11

Apple wants 100% sure that everything works well and has therefore decided to submit to strict standards of quality and stability on both OS’s before adding new features. It is expected that iOS 9 improvements are included in the application Maps adding massive traffic reports, the new Home application for managing HomeKit , the option of splitting the screen in the iPad, among other issues.

Mac OS X 10.11 is a different story because they are not presented so many new things as in previous years but that does not mean it will stay uneventful, just the list will be much lower. We discussed that will continue adding more functions within the system to get the job done with OS X Yosemite, and includes Control Center that will move many of the functions of the menu bar of our Mac to a panel that slides from the left side down from our screen by adding music controls and other functions to IOS style.

Security updates, Rootless, iCloud and reliable WiFi.

In Cupertino they have been working extensively to significantly increase security, beginning a new initiative called “Rootless” to eliminate the total root access to any malware that way could affect us and we preserve important data. Rootless make administrators can not access the files you designate key Apple, which tackles probably hit the Jailbreak community but in OS X may disable these settings.

Another novelty will be presented alleged restructuring file encryption for applications that use iCloud Drive. In order to make sure the timing of applications for users, will make their native applications using iCloud as back end, thus, for example, application notes is now synchronized through the IMAP protocol your account email service will switch to iCloud Drive. The goal is to make it safer and faster.

Finally we have a feature called “Trusted Wi-fi” Reliable Internet or to be presented later this year and will allow reliable networks to connect more easily while more strictly encrypted networks whose routers unreliable. Apple has experimented with their own applications and third-party applications to ensure they still work with this feature.

Optimization of older devices.

This is one of those things that nobody expected, but we were all hoping and indeed good news for users of the iPhone 4S, the iPad Mini and who knows? maybe even the iPad 2. Apple iOS are working on optimizing September to work smoothly and efficiently as those mentioned devices that work with the A5 chip, also extending the life of the most recent. The issue is that they want to get rid of clumsy and full operation of errors both users complain since I upgraded to iOS 7, for example on an iPhone 4.

The idea is to pull the drawer all those iPods, iPhones and iPads to be compatible with iOS 9 optimizing the operating system so that just enough is installed and thus the device has less information to digest, which is a light hope for many people who, like me, have had to put aside their older devices with iOS to they can not be used because of its slowness inconceivable preventing us use them as normal.

Apparently Apple have also become more aware of how valuable each MB of storage on our devices and that is why other news we hope to see the light is that with the launch of the second version of Swift, applications occupy less space in our devices and more stable.

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