Cortana comes to iOS and Android

Microsoft have officially announced the launch of Cortana for Android and iOS devices, the plan would develop different applications for each operating system to enable it to achieve its digital assistant outside of Windows. Microsoft alone has left us meet an early view of the application but say Cortana let us do exactly the same questions as we do today on Windows, also on iOS and Android.

MicrosoftCortana will Android in late June and then land on iOS later this year (watch, Siri, very careful …)

We are unfortunately reports that the Android version will not be as powerful as the variable of Windows, but Microsoft is still working primarily on notifications, and thanks to the nice assistant can be notified about various topics such as sports scores, flights and many other things it enjoys today for Windows Phone Cortana 10.

The fact that Cortana is now a multi-platform project because the Redmont working to integrate the features of Windows 10 on all phones and thus provide users with a service more integrated with your operating system from a very interesting way as his assistant will allow us, for example, find important applications for our Android or iOS devices, making notes in OneNote, manage files on onedrive and many other things from a PC with Windows 10. Is not it amazing?

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