SSDs do not cause loss of data, reaches an important denial

At temperatures different from the usual one, the SSD show all their faults? Comes the denial…

Some time ago we have spoken of the alleged danger of losing data that runs those who use SSD, memories that – as you know – compared to hard disks are faster and less ingrombranti: was news that has done a lot to discuss, having been shot Web by many other newspapers, and therefore the company had provided all the information about these memories is desired action on the matter, making some clarifications and denying everything that has emerged after the publication of the study.

gadgetThe survey was signed by Alvin Cox and Seagate, intentionality, we wrote that SSDs are not sure why they do lose data if the ambient temperature is not optimal: statements that obviously have caused concern and perhaps say maybe, they are not liked to more than some manufacturer of SSD. Putting that aside, however, Alvin Cox spoke again on the subject, along with Kent Smith, explaining that the data has been misinterpreted and that their investigation was referred to the end of the product life in short, at that stage where the SSD starts to become slow (except for some viruses or other) and you have to back up before you lose everything.

The two have also explained that the search had been made ​​for enterprise customers and to make them understand what was harmful keep SSDs in temperatures too high: in all other cases, therefore, the risk of data loss is minimal, and in any case, even in case of extreme heat or cold, the SSD could get to withstand up to a year. You are reassured, in short if you want a good memory, SSDs are for you (although I still recommend the hard disk).

SSDs could lose data even after just seven days

Did you know that buying a SSD to back up data is not necessarily the best solution, even if you want a dispassionate advice, continue shopping the Hard Disk, which, despite their weaknesses, promise more security and better preservation. The official confirmation, or rather further confirmation, is the site of JEDEC where industry experts have explained that in the absence of energy, and so if you do not connect the two products in power sources, and SSD hard drive performance guarantee completely different.

Let’s start by SSD: they are fast and consume little, of course, but the point is that, in the long run do not guarantee the perfect preservation of data. In detail, at a temperature of 25° keeping ability arrives to 2 years; but if the temperature reaches 30° C, we arrive in a year and this is not conceivable for a storage medium with performance that want to be assessed with dignity. No better in business: in this case, at 25° C the data are stored for five months, while at high temperatures can also be reached in just seven days of storage guaranteed!

The situation, however, is different for the hard disk drives, that are able to retain data for years and years from – 40° C to + 70° C in both cases the prices are very high, and then – in the face of what has been said – to retain data for a long long time, you should buy their recent devices (will also be larger, but at least they do their work).

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