Those who develop mobile applications for Android will soon have counselors to help them optimize their apps

Within the first day of Google I / O we had a lot of important announcements, we could see in the “official broadcast” just what Google think that would be important. But the truth is that outside stage mini exhibitions in a number of important announcements were generated, perhaps not of much importance for users of Google services, but for developers who are the audience that specifically targets this event.

AppsAmid all the noise generated by Google with its first day of event (Google I / O 2015), it announced the purchase. Since say that the whole team, as well as projects, start working with the Android team, so you may soon see some “tips” of Google for the Android developers to create better and more fast applications. he born in 2013 as a startup that could help mobile application developers optimize their projects. They developed products constantly monitor the implementation, in all its stages (update, load, etc.) and give advice to developers to perform specific changes that help increase the speed and improve the user experience.

Nothing is known about the figures surrounding this operation, but if anything serves to speculation people would have received $ 1.75 million of private investment, and analysts estimate that this figure may be near the amount that would have paid the big G for the entire project and its staff.

This is not an operation that involves a very high cost, but it is a major acquisition in a world of applications that have a huge number of Apps of very low quality, and that this new team could guide all those developers -bastante- found something away from what Google wants for your operating system.

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