VAMP, an inflatable airplane that will explore the planet Venus

The planet Venus will be explored, in the highest part of its skies, a new drone…

We all know that one of the next targets of science is discovering alien life (should happen within twenty years, according to the latest statements of the scientists ) and, in general, think about the exploration and colonization of other planets; so far,

TechnologyHowever, we were all still (and rightly so) on Mars, now something is being done to other celestial bodies according to the aerospace company Northrop-Grumman, in fact, it should be able to send a plane to Venus inflatable launched from space and powered by solar power; we are talking about, to be exact, of Venus Atmospheric Maneuverability Platform ‘VAMP’.

This is only the first member of a family of aircraft that will be much talked about in the future: we speak of Lifting Entry / Atmospheric Flight ‘LEAF’, which is made ​​up of atmospheric rover can explore the planets from above without coming to the surface ; aircraft are, in short, that could revolutionize the world of planetary exploration, also because of the atmosphere of Venus, in the case of VAMP: the plane, in fact, may be able to explore the planet, because 50 kilometers above the ground conditions climatic conditions are almost similar to those on Earth.

Experts plan to use VAMP to fly over the clouds of Venus by solar energy: the wingspan of the aircraft is 55 meters, for a design similar to that of the bomber B-2 Spirit; may fluctuate – at least according to the words of the team – at least for one year in the skies of Venus, who always had to get funding: at the time, in fact, Notrthrop-Grumman hopes to triumph in the competition of the NASA New Friontiers to get the billion dollars needed to turn the concept into reality. Obviously, we will keep you updated.

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