A robot is able to overcome his physical disabilities

The researchers, in the field of robotic, are often working on solutions capable of ensuring operating margins increasingly high, even in adverse conditions.

The robots are very good at following orders under conditions of perfect functionality. Unfortunately, in the real world things do not always go in the right way some mistake is always possible. This, in a framework, results in problems, sometimes insurmountable.

RobotsFor specimens with many arts, whose appearance is similar to that of insects or spiders technology, the risk may be that of the rupture, the loss or malfunction of some element motor.

In such cases the functionality is compromised in a radical way, making the system go haywire. A group of researchers and scientists from the United States and France worked together to create a robot with six legs with a good ability to adapt to physical disability and to the different environmental situations. As documented in the video, the original of which we are concerned can work with one or two legs off, for example for a gunshot.

The simulations seem encouraging as to its ability to continue driving, despite similar problems. The credit is the ability to evaluate the framework, based on information programmed to quickly make use of the options to be used to overcome what has worked best in the real world.

It is not an intelligent robot in the strict sense of the term, but has great versatility, which led him to extend the range, with diligence adaptation also against the various environmental canvases in which it moves. One day the refinements will lead to machines that can move better in the rescue operations and, perhaps, in future missions to Mars.

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