Google makes life easier when choosing an Android terminal

A couple of years ago maybe it was easier to make the decision of which are Android smartphone purchase, options came at the hands of few companies and manufacturers, Samsung, Sony, LG and those who had a more comfortable budget was HTC. Today’s reality is very different, offer Android devices grew considerably and 3 or 4 “interesting” equipment that we had a year, we have more than 10 proposals in the first half alone and that the decision became more difficult. Conscious of this problem the people of Android created a web of support for those who are undecided when choosing which smartphone to buy.

GoogleTo access the web should visit this WEB, once inside just simply click the button that says “Get Started” and start the selection process. The web of Android is quite intuitive and easy to handle because it starts the search process with the different areas of interest surrounding a smartphone: Music, Photography, Movies, Games, etc, etc, etc. In this first menu you must choose at least 3 aspects that are necessary for you in your next phone as 3 options marked will begin to show results.

Additionally, it is possible to mark the estimated time spent on each of your areas of interest and further filter the elections. For example, if you choose to “play” appear categories preferred, while video games if brand of “music”, a list will be presented asking for the preferred method to enjoy it (streaming, downloads, headsets, Bluetooth and more ). It subtracted to click on the link that says Show me phones to eventually deploy the suggestions.

After choosing your priorities and specify that you give as much use them in your day, the service will let you choose between different mobile operators which at the moment are only the United States but is a fact that can be ignored since anyway and although not selected a comparison we can see devices that meet our requirements.

The system of this web will put us in front of all those terminals that meet our criteria and at the bottom we leave the technical information of each of them and, with data on the screen, you can make the best choice, because buying a smartphone today is synonymous with investment in many places, and grace is that the money disembowels worthwhile. It also leaves us the option to buy it online, if you choose a mobile operator in the previous steps leads you once to the official website of them, but if instead obviate operator, now if you will demand it to take the corresponding online store.

Very good initiative from Google (Android), buy a phone is always a difficult decision and a lot more if we see that our choice often binds us to a two-year contract, so it is good to have these means of consultation make the best decision, and better if it comes from who provides the operating system of the equipment.

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