iOS 9 precise changes that enhance the mobile operating system from Apple

It ended up waiting and speculation, today we had the presentation of the new, by Apple for developers and met with great news in each of the issues discussed in this meeting, so I would say that there were no points low in a presentation of two hours and a half. In this case speak of IOS 9 which despite not bring a revolution in its new version, if we deliver a number of enhancements that improve the user experience on the iDevices.

Then we try to summarize each of the new features that integrate iOS in September.

iOSSiri, a proactive assistant

Siri despite being an assistant who works on the basis of certain parameters initially set by Apple, every day try to use the more than a billion of questions asked to evolve into a wizard complete and able to interact better with the users. According to Apple, the version of Siri will use in iOS 9 is 40% better than 2014 and not intended to be just that, as from now Siri begin to have greater integration with the entire system to be available in all times to the user, similar to what we saw in Google Now on the last Google I / O.

The new Siri will be far more intrusive in our lives, will be able to memorize certain behaviors and spread a hand when count information particularly, for example, if we connect the headphones to our device and our repeated action after such action is open Music, Siri application means that each time you connect the headphones to open the application. Siri will also be able to identify tasks depending on the time of day in which we are.

In the presentation we could see Siri is able to search the data of a contact does not exist in our agenda, it is able to check our e-mail information and get that information for us.

Searches also improve with the arrival of a unique API that integrate application data to it to make more powerful Siri.

Apple, almost as an indirect (very direct), emphasized the use of data in Siri and care of these for user safety, remember that last week was the same Tim Cook who put into question the conduct of certain companies with user data, clearly pointing to Google. Apple claims that Siri no information is stored beyond the phone or it is associated with our Apple ID or shared with third parties, the question falls when we exercise to change our device, if Apple does not keep our information, we have to begin ” train “the Siri of our new terminal from 0 ? We hope to have an answer to this question.

The new “Notes” will make you forget other third party applications.

As user of IOS, until today always put ahead of Notes to other third party applications: Things, Evernote, etc, is that the native application iOS convince not just in one aspect or at least I needed when making a note, and write plain text I do not think they make it very attractive to most users.

Today we saw the new version of “Notes” and truth that gave new life to an application that was really bad, served its purpose, but in a rather mediocre way. The new Notes gives us many more options when wanting to write something down, from identifying title, subtitle and paragraph with different font types, create lists, insert content of the roll of film, to easily insert information from a web or outline drawn hand.

The new version of Notes will renew its mobile version and computer. In the presentation it is fairly comprehensive and I think to fulfill all its promises are a couple of applications will soon disappear from my iPad.

News, iOS Clipboard

Apple apparently got the idea: to deliver the experience of our users to third-party applications, if we can give them a good proposal from Apple ?

Just as Apple has long talks with major record labels and television, apparently also it had more time to have a meeting with print media to deploy a new application.

News is an application that allows us -indicating our areas of interest- form a digital magazine and our own measure, said in simpler terms, with News Apple manages to take his own version of Flipboard and deliver a solution “in house” to all those who like to consume print media. In the demo we saw the New York Times and ESPN, but the list of partners to this new application is quite extensive, media will have a space to publish any content in a clean, own Apple.

By the time this new application will work only in the US, UK and Australia.

New maps with public transport routes

Apple continues to improve its maps application to try to outshine Google Maps, and iOS in September an upgraded version which will organize routes that include highly accurate data transport (Transit, only in some cities of the world) as well as restaurants, shops and events nearby, with differentiation of apple pay online.

At last !!! Multitasking comes to iPad

There were so many times that we expect and that never came, this time many have neither named in the previous WWDC 2015. This must be honest, Apple as one of the pioneers in the use of a tablet that would at least one year have integrated multitasking on your iPad, it has long tried to make us see that the iPad was “the” tool for professionals, but in practice have to exit an application to enter another, make a data and then return to the previous, was a waste of time for daily tasks, as they did not realize before?!, well, after my release, on to the subject.

It took but arrived, Apple let us all in one piece when we showed the icon Multitasking on the screen, and we could clearly see how the hit iPad saw a glimmer of hope that could drastically change the low sales of this device, now if iPad tablet can call the attention of professionals, providing new functionality as more valid argument.

From screen sharing between two applications, switch applications with a new menu of multitasking and integrate a PIP (Picture in Picture) allows us to have a floating window of any application you’re using, to be able to spend images of a web to our e-mail Now if Apple, now if we understand each other.


Improves App “Health” with new possibilities as the number of glasses of water we should drink to our workouts to exposure to the sun’s UV rays.


The application so far known as Passbook renamed Wallet. Its operation is almost equal to the present, only now they include the ability to enter discount cards or reward certain businesses such as Dunkin ‘Donuts, just to give an example.

Autonomy iOS 9 also bring a battery saving mode that can extend their duration in the iPad to 3 hours of battery life.


The programming language Apple has not only increased performance but also includes new features that will make it a more productive language and becomes open source announcement received a standing ovation from all present, one would expect, this day It was aimed at them and found tremendous surprise. Regarding this news will walk more in a single note.

Teams upgraded to iOS in September

So Apple gives us a slice of what are likely to see in less than three months, many speak of it would end this year, but if we follow the trend of Apple and their releases of previous years, by mid-September and it would have between we.

For developers, the first beta of iOS in September and is available on the website of Apple developers, but do not lose hope, for the month of July we published this new Beta version of iOS and we can have the first impressions, but I know many of you must have the version of developers ready to install, as if he knew them.

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