The tablet will no longer charge, why it happens and how to fix it!

What to do when the tablet will no longer charge? Here are our tips to try to solve the problem.

What to do and how to behave when the tablet will no longer charge? First of all, the problems that we’re about to relate even smartphones and could be associated, among other things, to further problems for example, might well happen that the tablet does not light up at all (and in this case our guide for the smartphone will come in useful for sure ). But let’s go.

TabletIf your device is not charging more, you should immediately think to ‘USB input are you sure that is not defective and that there is soiled with dust or crumbs? Cleanliness is very important, and everything could also depend on this clean entrance, in short, and make sure the cable is fully functional; just check with a universal charger, of course compatible with your tablet, if the charge is activated or not: in the latter case, you’ll have to go to the next step.

Other problems, in fact, may have involved just the charger, it could be the latter does not work, and in this case that there will continue to charge your device through the adapter and using the PC. But there’s more to be checked something even more important.

The battery itself, the formidable battery. Have you heard of explosions and bulges and you have heard of planned obsolescence you could fit in these cases, and therefore it is good to test immediately if the battery is working well and is not swollen; if it is, replace it immediately at a store. If it is removable, try to turn the tablet on itself: runs smoothly? Well, maybe the problem is just that sudden swelling (which could also show up immediately: to me, for example, was sold a smartphone with battery already defective, and was brand new).

If you are unable to charge the tablet, remember that everything would depend on a battery or broken or swollen but simply worn out, this is the easiest case to solve, because you’ll have go to a service center or a store, in the first case if you have a guarantee; in the second, if you are not protected by the guarantee and therefore you will be forced to put hands in their pockets.

Charging the tablet may not work for other problems, that here we have not covered and that are obviously brought to the attention of talented technicians: consider whether it is appropriate to spend really, though, since, in some cases, the cost assistance is higher than that of the tablet itself.

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