Humble Store offers up to 90% discount on video games

Fans of video games can acquire securities of strategy, action and adventure for less than $ 4, thanks to the discount you just throw the Humble Store.

Good news for gamers. The  Humble Store has just put on sale a number of titles that will surely make happy a lot because the discounts are incredible.There are games that apply to the 90% discount, and the minimum rebate to which one can access is 30%.

Before we had to pay $ 10 for The Witcher, and 30 Planetary Annihilation, but today can be ours for less than $ 4. Only we perform compared sooner since the offer is for a limited time  and only available this weekend.

Humble Store

As some already know, all funds raised will go to non-profit institutions such as the American Red Cross or other similar organizations. So with the purchase of a game we will be working with improving the quality of life of others. If it comes to paying tempt the desire to help a specific organization can search the list, not to be found, we can choose one with the same objectives.

Interested parties who wish to access the discounts, should only go to the page of Humble Store and choose the game that most appeals to them or, in any case, look for the title that interests them.

Source: Humble Store

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