Ian Rogers, head of Apple Music, leaves the company

Ian Rogers, former director of Beats Music, who was responsible for the issuing of Apple Music, Beats 1, has decided to resign his post and leave Cupertino to go to a European company.

Perhaps the dream of many is to work for Apple or another company of his caliber, but as not all share the same desire, may be normal to know that  Ian Rogers  leave the Big Apple. Yes,  the head of the Beast 1 Apple Music station, has decided to resign his post and leave the company.

head of Apple Music

As some surely remember,  Rogers joined the team of Apple in May last year, when the company completed the acquisition of Beats. He became a key player because of his experience, and Apple could not help but be happy about it. It is said that his work was good and led the development of Beasts 1.

There are no details as to why this great character leaves Apple, but rumors indicate he would move to Europe to work in another company. This waiver called the attention of many, for what might have happened to Rogers decides to leave Cupertino ?. Maybe you not receive a good pay or maybe the atmosphere was not to his liking; only he (and possibly Apple) knows.

If you were part of Apple, why would you leave the company? Any ideas?

Source: Financial Times

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