Apple: Cisco optimize their networks for iOS devices

Apple and Cisco have announced the signing of an agreement between the two companies, which seek to optimize business communication networks Cisco for Apple mobile devices such as iPhone or iPad.

Cisco optimize their networks for iOS devices

The arrival of Apple to the workspace had an important impulse few months ago, when the Cupertino company partnered with IBM to launch a series of iOS applications in order to help achieve a better development in the workplace.

And now, Apple is increasing strong names in their plan of conquest businesswoman l, with the signing of a new agreement that will undoubtedly make it much more interesting proposal.

It is a new alliance with Cisco , one of the leading companies in the segment of networks for business communication, which ensures the optimization of these networks for iOS devices like the iPhone or the Pad , especially with the very tools of Cisco for video conferencing and collaboration .

Of course, another area of interest of this agreement is that companies will ensure that company employees get the proper performance of the network. For example, Apple and Cisco want to create a ‘fast lane’, or fast track, for iOS devices in the corporate world , with which it will prioritize wireless and web connections so that crítitcas business applications are not compromised by unnecessary content, such as YouTube funny videos.

‘For me, it is clear that partnering with Cisco will produce results that will allow us to transform the workspace ‘said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, about the deal.

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