Facebook button include ‘Dislike’

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, relieved that the company is working on the implementation of the button ‘Dislike’ and are very close to testing.

Rumors that Facebook had been preparing the inclusion of the button ‘I do not like’ have been confirmed by its creator  Mark Zuckerberg . The CEO of the popular social network revealed yesterday in a question and answer session via streaming, that Facebook is working on implementation button ‘dislike’ , and doors that are to test its operation.

“Today is a special day because we can say that we are working on it and we are very close to being able to make a first test ‘ , he was what he said when asked Zuckerberg.

Of course, the idea is not to assess any publication with a ‘Dislike’ , because it would be counterproductive to qualify as negative people happy and pleasant moments that many tend to share in his wall.

“We will not turn Facebook into a forum where people can vote for or against the updates of others. This does not help build the kind of community we want to create. You do not want to go through the process of sharing a moment that has been important to you in your day and then see how someone gives you negative feedback “ . Zuckerberg explained.

The idea is not to make people feel bad. The goal is to find a button to help us express the position that we face certain content ; because everyone knows that the options ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ are not enough.

As noted by the founder of the network, ‘Not all times are good times, and if you’re sharing something sad, whether present, as the refugee crisis, or death of a family member, maybe you do not feel comfortable with an ‘I’. So I think it’s important to give people more options’ .

Apparently, the approach is good, but do not know what the true meaning that give users. Now we all understand why the requested button ‘Dislike’ so late in coming.

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