5 Best Gift Ideas to Give to a Techie Person

Looking for some ideas on what perfect gift to give to your techie friend? The task can be challenging most especially if you are not really into gadgets. But worry not! This article will share to you lists of best gift ideas that techies will surely love. Get ideas from the lists.

  1. Apple Watch – one of the hottest things in the market today! Apple Watch features beautiful display, customizable design, and over thousands of available apps to download. What is the difference of this watch from other smartwatches? A lot actually! Apple Watch has unique features like Force Touch, Apple Pay and best of all, the ability to switch your calls from your handset to your watch. Isn’t that convenient and amazing?  The Apple Watch has 18 hours battery-life and for sure any techie will approve that!
  2. Fitbit Charge HR – one of the most stylish and well-rounded fitness trackers you will see in the market. Fitbit Charge HR gives all-day and all-night fitness tracking, heart rate monitoring as well as caller ID. This device uses the same app as the Charge that tracks calories burned, floors traveled, steps made, distance and sleep quality. The physical feature of the device is also very chic and stylish – perfect for young professionals who have very active lifestyle.
  3. GoPro Hero 4 Black – looking for a gift for techie friend who is also adventurous? Go for the GoPro Hero 4 Black! This latest action cam from GoPro captures mesmerizing adventure images with its crystal clear 4K resolution. This camera also features 30 frames per second and is switchable to 120 fps. The highlight is that with this latest GoPro model, users can control and share videos instantly using GoPro’s smartphone app. Now, that’s a total package!
  4. Sony a5100–this mirrorless-camera from Sony delivers a top-notch performance in a reasonable price. This camera features a very sleek design that measures a compact 4.3 x 1.4 x 2.5 inches., It also features nuanced colors with excellent detail and low light performance. The 20-megapixel sensor made the autofocus lightning fast. This gadget is perfect for people who love taking pictures everywhere they go because of the sleek and stylish look of this camera.
  5. Bizhub A3 Colour Laser Printer –this printer features professional quality printing that can accommodate a wide range of paper sizes and weights up to 300 gsm. It features eco timer that can be programmed on a weekday, date or time basis. It has special built-in sensor that wakes up the device from sleep mode when it senses the user approaching near the panel surface. How cool is that? A3 colour laser printers also feature high speed print, copy, duplex scan and warm up time. This is perfect for people running a small business or office.

We’ve presented you with five of the coolest and hottest gadgets that are perfect to give to your techie friends. Have you decided what to buy?Your techie friends will love those gadgets!

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