Facebook launched Reactions, the choice to express emotions

Reactions with Facebook users may express emotions such as surprise, anger and sadness through small emoticons that will be added to the exemption known as ‘Like’.

Facebook launches Reactions

A few weeks ago, the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg said the company had been working on implementing the button ‘I hate’ and they were on the verge of testing; but he warned that the option does not come as a dislike, as users would have the right to qualify any publication as negative, even the happy and pleasant moments that many often share; which of course it would be counterproductive for everyone.


We seek to build just a button ‘I do not like’ we do not want that Facebook will become a forum where people vote for or against the publications. That’s not the community we want to create “were the words of Zuckerberg.

Include a little hand with the thumb down it would have been easier, but Facebook does not want things simple, and less if they are not one hundred percent functional. That is why we decided to create Reactions, an extension of your button ‘Like’ for users of the social network express other emotions such as surprise, anger or sadness.

Besides famous ‘I like will now ?,’ I love, ‘he amuses me’, ‘I am happy’, ‘It amazes me’, ‘I am sad’ and ‘I feel angry’; six options more arriving by Reactions; the new exemption to the same Zuckerberg announced today on the wall .

“Today we are launching a test Reactions, a button” like “more expressive.” She shared the creator of Facebook on their official website.

Facebook launches Reactions 2

He also shared a video which shows how the extension works. To access the new options, the user must press the button long way ‘Like’, and then the menu is displayed emoticons. Under each publication a visual summary indicating the number of ‘likes’ will appear,’ It amuses me ‘,’ I am happy ‘,’ I wonder ‘,’ I’m sad ‘and’ I enfada’que post has received.

The update will be available from tomorrow to ebrary Spain and Ireland, where the first tests were carried out.After the experience gained in these countries, the company will schedule a date to make it available to everyone.

Like the new extension of Facebook or you would have preferred the ‘I hate’?

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